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Mes Amis! your clothes! Where have they gone?

Friday, 1 October 2010


It’s a slow burn, a non disruptive evolution, somedays lovin’ is a tiny piece of everything you love about being English.
I find inspiration in the warmth of the sun, the saltiness of the sea, a deep consideration for our embracement of the landscape and environment and what ties us back to this.
I’m forever trying my hardest to carrying a notebook,scrap book or my camera and looking for snippets of the somedays lovin’ girl around me. For my project at College I'm thinking a mash up of everything I’m loving, deep textural feather plumages, an obsession with vintage lace and a slight respectful nod to Slim Arrons who has the innate ability to capture divine private moments and then make them frozen in time…" - Jaye Leigo, Designer
If there is one label to base your wardrobe around this Summer it's Somedays Lovin'.
The campaign shoot for the new Spring/Summer 2010/2011 Collection is beyond breathtaking.
The earthy-hippy-free-spirit vibe is evoked strongly throughout..
and almost makes me want to ditch education and my job and live on a secluded beach somewhere for the Summer...
..if I didn't have to do any of this gosh where i'd be right now!

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