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Mes Amis! your clothes! Where have they gone?

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Kia Shoot / vintage ring coffee lounge

 Amber Ring - Jewel Shop Brick Lane     Cafe 1001

 Barrell roll hair Kia Beauty Shoot.


 Oh when my love my darling you've left me here alone i'll walk the streets of london which once seemed all our own.The vast suburban churches together we have found the ones which smelt of gaslight the ones in incense drowned.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Here skys are getting bleaker.

I'm sorry to send such a down-hearted letter my darling, but this could possibly the last. I am sitting inside our little old tent listening to the gentle patter of the raindrops on the canvas. It began raining here this morning and it is still at it - I'm not sure if it will ever stop. No drill today thus why I have time to write this letter. We have to march back and forth to eat but soon we will be heading South. I really long to see the ocean again and feel clean air once more. My dearest Mary, keep yourself happy. Look after the house as I will be with you once again.



Shots from Aleksandra Podburtnaja