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Mes Amis! your clothes! Where have they gone?

Monday, 6 September 2010

There's a possibility I wouldn't know.

Know that when you need a decision made the time to panic worry or even think about buying another teacup is not right.
It's been creeping its way forward for a time now and my education is having to be my full swinging effort right now. Not sure how I'm going to keep education,work and modelling and all the other smalls inclings i like in smoothing motion. ---Soon to be travelling back to London for the Lee Stafford hair show which sounds amazing. Just constantly worried about when the dates will be ( I seem to be trying to please everyone else but me , me time has been lacking even my cups of tea in the evening are always having to be fll up with worrying or doing something for someone else - oh boo).
But not all hope is lost. Soon the images from Smitha Prhaba beautifull collection will be up. And the behind scenes and also images from the exhibition I was kindly invited to.
Well my next trip to London let us hope it's successful!
All that I had was all I'm gonn' get. And all that I hope for .. well lets just hope something comes through for me! oh decisions decisions. fwapaa

Test shoot for Smitha Prhaba - Smart Fashion

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